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About Us

At Intercessor, we don’t view traditional values and judgment-free acceptance as mutually exclusive – our multi-generation, multi-ethnic community is united around the belief that anyone, regardless of background or faith, can become what God calls them to be.
We view ourselves as a transformation church for a reason: we’re imperfect people trying to help other imperfect people grow with passion and cultivate a purpose in life. Meet the Team.

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Our Vision

We are not a church to visit for an hour every Sunday and head home. We are traditional in beliefs but excited by progress – our music is modern, our energy is vibrant, and our community is diverse.

We aim to be a Christ-centered builder of disciples that reaches people where they are through unique programming that’s tuned into the needs of our congregation and unapologetic love for our community. With a beautiful blend of traditional worship and contemporary elements, our people grow together, laugh together, and discover together.

Our Mission

Each person’s relationship with faith is intimate, nuanced, and deeply personal. With transparency and honesty as core community values, we are determined to honor the complexity of each member’s spiritual journey by remaining steadfastly authentic in everything we do.

It doesn’t matter if you’re well-versed in the teachings of Christ, brand new to religion, or anywhere in between – you deserve to feel safe and accepted as you navigate your relationship with God. We hope to provide space for this journey and more. Together, we’ll reveal God’s purpose for you in this life and tap into your passion for transformation.

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Why choose us

The Church of the Intercessor

Our Vision

To be a Christ-centered, multicultural church, reaching people where they are, build disciples, impact our communities.

Our mission

Love God, Love People, Build Disciples

Our methods

By loving others where they are at in their lives, by learning about who God is and His will, and by leading in our gifts to serve God and serve those around us. We love, learn, and lead through developing habits of connection, praying, growing, serving, and sharing.

Our Methods

No two people’s journeys are the same, which is why we employ a variety of methods that guide each member in a different way: our worship is historic yet contemporary, holy yet joyful, biblical yet Spirit-filled. To unlock the full potential of Godly worship, we combine music, incense, communion bread and wine, Bible teachings, ancient prayers, impromptu spoken exhortation, and other storied tools.

To fully address the spiritual needs of our diverse community, we also offer specially designed programs to help those dealing with grief, emotional problems, and substance abuse. Nobody gets through life without having to overcome challenging obstacles – whether you need a trusted partner to hold your hand or push you to grow, our leaders are here for you every step of the way.

About Us | Our goal is to share what we have experienced with you 3

Our Beliefs

It’s not only possible to lead a transformed life – it’s entirely within your grasp. The Holy Spirit is at work and ready to guide you. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, and whatever relationship you’ve had with faith thus far, we believe that growth is possible through connection. By loving others for who they are and learning about God’s will, we believe that we’re doing our part to serve God and those around us.

Still, have more questions? No problem; drop us a note (below); take a look at us doing, what we do, see us on YouTube, and watch us live next weekend.

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