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We are created to be in Community with each other

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Groups are where our large church gets small. Groups are 6-12 people who meet to discuss faith, go deeper into the weekly message and support one another in their relationship with Christ. This is the place to care for others and be cared for, a place to impact our neighborhood and the world.

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Build each other up and build the church by loving, learning, and leading through relationship-based discipleship.

We meet and gather to deepen our relationships with God and one another and then go and serve those around us in practical and realistic ways.

“Community is deeply grounded in the nature of God. It flows from who God is. Because he is a community, he creates a community. It is his gift of himself to humans. Therefore, the making of the community may not be regarded as an optional decision for Christians. It is a compelling and irrevocable necessity, a binding divine mandate for all believers at all times.” Dr. Bilezikian

“I want to empower people to love and serve one another. This will be the witness to others and part of the renewal that leads to revival.” – Fr. Brett Crompton

Intercessor Church Community Group

All About Small Groups, The why

Intercessor Church is a Small Group Church, not just a church with small groups. The Small Groups at Intercessor are not just a program or an event but a very large part of our identity. What others say about Small Groups.

In an era of disconnection, small groups provide a way to connect. We can socialize, catch up with old friends, make new friends, and practice loving one another. We spend time with one another and share the events and stories of our lives. We find those common points of intersection with each other. Points that we have not yet been and can learn from or points we have walked before and can help others.

It can be hard to invite your neighbor to church, but it can be easy to invite them over to your house. Small groups are part of the church, and the church reaches outward and meets people where they are. A small group is a safe place to visit; it contains known friends, easy to get to, and, most important, is not a commitment.

A Small Group discusses a few things, but only what each person is comfortable with discussing. There is no requirement to be a Bible expert to quote Bible verses. There is no reason to feel unprepared, and no homework or no prerequisites. Just join us, say what is on your mind, join a discussion when you feel moved, or sit and listen.

Why do we meet in homes and not in the church? Churches can often seem aloof, or the standards far off. They can be strange or intimidating, depending on your background and experiences. Homes are neutral; they are where we live most of our lives. Our ordinary time happens in homes; our extraordinary times happen in homes. Our homes are our bedrock, a place where theory and theology have no sway.

Our homes are not theoretical, but they are practical. It is best here that we talk about Jesus, the sermons, what the message was, and how it impacts our lives practically. It helps us understand that Jesus is practical, more practical than ourselves. It helps us move from being theoretical Christians to being practical Christians. What others say about Small Groups.


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