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4 ways to reach the lost from home

Reach the Lost

The Gospel remains the same, but the method changes. Our Parents use pamphlets and tracts, we use digital tools, and our kids will use something else.

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Digital evangelism is a powerful way to spread the Gospel in today’s digital world. By using social media, the internet, and our phones, we can meet the needs of others online, share the Gospel with those online and be a witness through our own content.

What is Digital Evangelism?

Digital Evangelism is a rapidly growing way of spreading the message of Jesus Christ to the world. It involves using digital technology such as social media, the internet, and our phones to meet the needs of others and share the Gospel with those online. By taking advantage of new technologies, we are able to reach far more people than ever before with their message of hope, love, and salvation.

Bringing His Word to the World

More people are turning to the internet each day than ever before; this means that digital evangelism is one of the most effective ways to reach out to people all over the world. Digital evangelism does not discriminate against any age group, language, ethnic background or economic status. It allows us to communicate with people in their home countries, at work, on vacation or just about anywhere else.

Digital Evangelism at Intercessor Church
Digital Evangelism at Intercessor Church

The Modern Way to Spread His Love

We don’t have to rely on pamphlets and tracts anymore – now we can use digital tools like blogs, podcasts, videos, and more to get our message across in a more interactive and personal way. To effectively share our faith through digital evangelism, we simply need to be ourselves – whether shy or bold – and use these digital tools daily. Not only will they help us reach out to those who are interested in what we have to offer, but they also provide an avenue for lasting relationships where hope and love can be shared practically and regularly.

Methods Change, but The Gospel Stays the Same.

Not only is digital evangelism an effective communication tool, but it also helps increase engagement between church members and potential believers. Through platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, churches can create engaging content that entices viewers and encourages them to discover more about Christianity and Jesus’ teachings. As Digital Evangelists, we can use these platforms to further engage followers through discussion forums or podcasts that discuss Bible verses and church activities in-depth. This makes it easier for non-believers who may have questions about faith or Christianity, in general, to find answers without feeling intimidated or alienated by other churchgoers.

Digital Evangelism | Can you share the gospel from your home? absolutely! 1
Digital Evangelism | Can you share the gospel from your home? absolutely! 2

Building and Strengthening His Flock Globally

Finally, digital evangelism encourages church members themselves to become digital evangelists by encouraging them to share what they do within their own communities as well as what they like within the Christian faith – this helps spread awareness of Christianity throughout all walks of life without making anyone feel judged or outcasted due to their beliefs or backgrounds.
Digital Evangelism is a great tool for church members as it allows them to engage with others on a deeper level by sharing relevant information about their faith, which may benefit those who need help understanding Christianity better or need guidance on how best to live according to Jesus’ teachings.

4 Ways Of Digital Evangelism

Build a Team, Create Disciples to…

1) Sharing content is one of the four methods for being a Digital Evangelist. This involves using digital platforms to share stories, testimonies, and other faith-based messages that can reach people worldwide. This could be done by sharing articles, videos, images, or audio clips on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, if a church has an online presence, it can post content related to its ministry and beliefs. This could be in the form of blogs or short videos that explain their mission and illustrate how their teachings are relevant to modern life.

2) Posting from an event or service is another effective way to reach a large audience through digital evangelism. Churches can use video streaming services such as YouTube Live or Facebook Live to broadcast events live from their church with minimal effort. This allows people worldwide to easily access the event without having to attend it physically. It also gives churches a larger platform for sharing their message with more potential followers.
3) Reviews about places of worship are another form of digital evangelism that can help churches reach more people online. By leaving honest reviews on social media sites about experiences at churches, people can learn more about what each congregation offers and decide which ones suit them best. Posting positive experiences will help create word-of-mouth advertising for churches and encourage more people to visit them in person or online.

4) Create Helpful content. Posting content specifically designed for people interested in learning more about Christianity is essential for digital evangelism strategies. Churches should provide resources such as podcasts, infographics, or discussion material that provide education and context around Christian beliefs and encourage engagement among users who may not have had any previous interaction with the faith. Doing this helps open up conversations between those interested in learning about Christianity and members of the church who are eager for new converts!

Examples of Digital Evangelism

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Share Social Media

Share Social Media for Digital Evangelism

Sharing today is akin to modern ‘word of mouth’. Your credibility shapes how your friends and followers value what you share. Start with an encouraging word, not an invite.

Posting Social Media

Digital Evangelism | Can you share the gospel from your home? absolutely! 3

Sharing today is akin to modern ‘word of mouth.’ Your credibility shapes how your friends and followers value what you share. Start with an encouraging word, not an invite.

Digital Evangelism Strategies?


What is digital evangelism?

Digital Evangelism is the use of digital tools, such as social media, the internet, and our phones, to meet the needs of others and share the Gospel with those online. It includes creating content that is attractive and relevant to the audience it is trying to reach, targeting specific age groups or demographics in order to make a greater impact with its message.

How can I use digital evangelism to reach more people for Christ?

One of the most effective ways to use digital evangelism to reach more people for Christ is by creating and sharing content that resonates with the target audience. This could include compelling stories, inspiring testimonies, or even educational videos or podcasts about Christian topics. By targeting audiences in specific areas or demographics, it is possible to craft a message that will connect with them and make them want to learn more about their faith. Additionally, by utilizing social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, it is possible to extend the reach of one’s message even further into the digital world.
Another way to use digital evangelism is by participating in online forums and conversations related to Christian topics. Doing so can help establish an individual’s credibility as a knowledgeable source of information on Christianity across different platforms. Additionally, engaging with other people in conversations can help build relationships and provide opportunities for further spiritual guidance through thoughtful dialogue with those searching for answers.
Finally, it is also important to remember that digital evangelism should not be limited simply to sharing written words or recorded audio/visuals. There are also many other tools available such as live streaming services that allow people to interact in real-time via video chat and provide direct access to potential new members of any church community. In addition, there are now many affordable apps on both iOS and Android devices that offer a range of faith-based activities such as Bible studies and prayer companion applications that can keep members connected no matter how far away they may be from one another physically.

What are the benefits of digital evangelism?

Digital evangelism offers numerous benefits that can help spread the Gospel even further than it already is! Digital evangelism has the potential to reach more people than traditional evangelism because of its broad reach. By leveraging social media platforms, websites, emails, and mobile apps, digital evangelizers are able to engage with a global audience in ways that were simply not possible in times past.
Furthermore, digital evangelism provides an opportunity for Christians around the world to come together in unity for prayer and support. Since it is much easier for individuals from different locations to collaborate online than it is through traditional means (like physical events), digital evangelists can rely on one another’s support while they continue their mission of spreading the gospel.
Finally, due to its interactive nature, digital evangelism also has a higher rate of success when compared with more passive methods of outreach. Through engaging content such as videos, podcasts, articles and blogs, inquiring minds are more likely to be drawn in and ultimately exposed to the gospel’s truth. Furthermore, those who accept Christ through these efforts are much more likely to become involved members within the church family once they do so.