5 habits of Discipleship

Connect | With People and with God

Connecting with God and People

The Discipleship Habit of Connecting. We cannot be autonomous Christians, we need God and each other.

The Habits of a Disciple

Connecting: Discipleship

The first step to discipleship.

connect | 5 habits of Discipleship
to God

With God: It starts with a simple touch, a simple connection, and a simple invitation. All relationships require a connection, spiritual, emotional, and physical; a relationship with Christ is no different.

to each other

With others: Christ built us to be in a community with each other. There can be no Christian walk all alone.

Building Together

Unity: We grow stronger with God and Unity with each other. We walk out God’s plan for our life with each other, encouraging, protecting, and supporting each other. We are never alone.

Where we stand today

We live in a world that is separately trying to relate to us. The world that is trying to
sell us something, trying to persuade us, trying to recruit us.
God intended for us to bring us together with one another for different reasons:
Mutual support, encouragement, and personal growth

Connect 1

Discipleship means a few things, one of the first is that we are not alone. We have friends, real friends, who know all about us and still love and even like us.


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