serve: The Joy of Serving: A Discipleship Journey

Christian service is a way for Christians to express their love for God and for others.

Your Serve to Release your gifts, not to fill a need.

Love God and Love People through service

The second commandment Jesus gives us is to love our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus showed us that he gives gifts freely to support the needs of his church (Rom. 12:3–8); every person is born and given unique gifts and talents (Eph. 4:7) are gifts serve a greater purpose than ourselves, to help build up the whole body of Christ (1 Cor. 12). Not every person is called to serve in the same way. Still, everyone is called to serve in some way.

A Gift is given; we can help train you in your gift

No Worries; we help, assist and teach you

serve at Intercessor, no worries
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Do not worry about doing something new, technical, or different. We can provide all the training, and we never rush you.

What are your Gifts?

Here are a few tools to help you discern your gifts and purpose

Working Genius

This is one we recommend. An easy and effective way to find your gifts. We offer this for test free.

Serve: The Joy of Serving: A Discipleship Journey 1

Spiritual Gifts test

This test has been around for a while and is popular, but takes a while to complete.

Spiritual Gift Test

Briggs Myers test

This test helps show people perceive the world and make decisions.

Serve: The Joy of Serving: A Discipleship Journey 2

Where can they be used

Sunday In-person

Our Sunday service has opportunities from the parking lot to the altar. These are opportunities to make a first impression on those coming to church for this first or 1000 time.

Sunday remote

Our Services are offered online. They require hosts to encourage, pray and reach out to those online. Often the very first connection someone has to church and a gift to the homebound.

Weekday In-Person

The church is busy all week. These are ministries, administrative, cleaning, setup, decor, and other opportunities to make an impression on those arriving.

Personal Ministry

We train men and women to be counseled with our Grief Share Ministry and Stephen Ministry. Ministers at Intercessor are trained and supported, and they support those reaching out for help.

Social Media, Content

We work to communicate the message of Christ in all available media. The method we communication changes often, but the message remains contained. Help with writing, research, and promotion.


From Sunday school on the weekend to Catechism and newcomers introduction and TUMI, our partnership with World Impact provides education to those ministering.

Worship Team

Our Worship Team consists of a full band, choir, and soloists. We always seek those willing to use their talent to worship on Sundays and at special events.

Maintenance and Repair

The Church Building Grounds always need loving care from time to time. Keeping things running right, running better, and staying clean is always part of what makes a great first impression on guests./

Events and Decorating

From making the lobby look welcoming and setting up a thank you dinner to Christmas and Easter events and games, it helps communicates that we value those here and those arriving.

Personal Ministry

We train men and women to be ministered to with our Grief Share Ministry and Stephen Ministry.


Our Overcomers Ministry is looking a people who believe in the motto, ” We Succeed in dealing with and overcoming pain and difficulty.”


In-Person and Digital Evangelistist are trying to reach people where they are.

Contact Us About your Gifts