Why is the greatest gift so hard to share?

Why is it So Hard to Share?

Why, when it comes to the sharing Gospel, do we hesitate?

The four reasons we don’t share the Gospel

1. Lack of Gospel Knowledge.
2. Apathy toward those who are lost.
3. Fear Rejection, and loss of friends
4. Rationalize it’s not our job.

Why is it so hard to share?

What can we do

(even if we are shy)

Fear of Lack of Gospel Knowledge. What if they ask questions I don’t have the answer to?
We are not called to a debate team or an intellectual-sparing match. We are called to share our experiences. When we recommend a restaurant, we do not defend every item o the menu from Cristian, we say, I went there, and I liked it; you should try it.

Just Share your experience, and leave it at that.

Share the  Gospel at Intercessor Church

Apathy toward those who are Lost

It is not that we don’t care; we have other priorities. We are busy, we have plans, and our life has a pattern and a flow, and sharing the Gospel will interfere with that.
Do we even have any non-christian friends? Have we isolated ourselves from the people that need us the most? We are called to love our enemies, not hide from them.

Share the Gospel at Intercessor Church

Fear Friends will think we are crazy.

What will people say? Will it affect your family and friendships? Will you lose access to the cool group, the in-crowd? What if they label me a crazy Christian?
What was worse, the First Day of School or the two weeks before the First Day of School worrying about it?

Share the Gospel at Intercessor

Rationalize it is not my Job

I am a regular person; sharing the Gospel is for priests and pastors. I am not called to be an evangelist! The truth is that we are all called to share what we know. We are not all school teachers, but we all teach someone something.
Sharing the Gospel is not a calling or a job; some may be better at it, but every Christian has a testimony. Every Christian’s duty is to become a Disciple of Christ. A Disciple of Christ then makes more disciples. It is not a calling to make more disciples; it is the purpose of becoming a Christian.

Share the Gospel at Intercessor

So what is the plan forward?

The Question of Who? All of us can tell each other about the best experience we had at a restaurant.
The Question of When? In the normal conversion of the day, not knocking on doors.
The Questions of How? Not Theology, not debate, not about rules. Wait for them to discuss an issue, and relate to them as their friend. Invite them o church later when they ask how you knew about how to help them.

The Questions of Where? Golf course, shopping, walking the dog.
The Question of Where to find the courage? Community Groups
The Question of What? What to say, Noting at first, be a good friend.
The Question of Why? True friends don’t hide the truth from one another.

Share the Gospel at Intercessor

Some Helpful tips

Nervous and shy about face-to-face Gospel sharing? No problem, consider becoming a Digital Evangelist.
Don’t share an email saying share with ten people or they…LOL.

Don’t Mix politics and Jesus. The Gospel is a relationship, not a viewpoint or philosophy.
Don’t Tell a person they are in sin. That’s the Holy Spirits’ job, not a human’s.
Don’t scare them with Hell. Once the fear leaves them, so will the reason to be in the church.
Don’t Impose yourself. Christianity is a relationship that is hard to speak about with strangers.
Don’t pretend. Don’t be holy or without fear or issues. be real; everyone else already knows your flaws, no reason to hide them.

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