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Intercessor Church is open 24/7 for prayer through Lent.

The word we have for 2023 is “BREAKTHROUGH!” The Lord is going to Break in, Breakthrough, and Break out. The Lord led us to the book of Joel and the words were jumping off the page “Rend your Hearts, not your garments.” With that, we planned for 40 Days of “Breakthrough” which started on Ash Wednesday. Little did we know the Lord would bring the breakthrough two weeks prior (ie. the outpouring at Asbury University).

Intercessor Revival

Joel calls a people who have wandered back to God. “Blow the trumpet and sound the alarm on my holy mountain. Repent, Fast, Gather, and cry out to God.” The parallel of Joel and what’s happing right now is amazing. There is joy in knowing He was already leading us to prepare for what he was about to do.

From Ash Wednesday into the first week of Lent, we have seen people confess their sins and find freedom in Jesus Christ. There’s a stirring in the hearts of many people — particularly Gen Z.

Come and see during these next few weeks leading to Easter what God is doing to break through right now. We expect Him to do mighty work in all people willing to receive.

Visit us on Sundays at 9 am and 11 am (or at any hour during the week).

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