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Give Bitcoin as a gift, and dozens of other cryptocurrencies.

Stocks and Assets

Give stock as a gift, directly from any brokerage account, no need to cash out. Safe and Secure.

Checks and Cards

Give with a Debit card or ACH. One-time or reoccurring donations.

Other Ways to Give

Use Our App
You can also use the Intercessor App on iPhone or Android

Text from your Phone
You can text “Give” to (516) 595-0465.

Mail a Gift
Intercessor Church, Attn: Give, 50 Saint Thomas Pl, Malverne, NY 11565

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Giving | Online


What is the tax benefit of donating appreciated stock?

Donating appreciated stock that you've held for over a year could allow you to save up to 20% in capital gains taxes and potentially up to 37% in federal income taxes on the charitable donation value of your gift based on your tax bracket when itemizing deductions.
To understand the full tax benefits of giving appreciated stock, including potential state tax savings, please consult with your tax professional for information about your personal tax implications.

What specific stock could I donate?

You can give any publicly traded stock through Overflow. By donating assets that have appreciated in value for more than one year, you are more likely to maximize the potential tax benefits.

Does Overflow support gifts from my brokerage account?

Overflow currently supports over 10 brokerages via their self-guided platform including the most popular brokers such as Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and E*Trade. If Overflow doesn't have a direct connection to your brokerage account, your gift can still be fulfilled through their off-platform concierge service. If you are in Overflow's donor experience and your brokerage account is not one of the 10+ currently supported with a direct connection, you'll be taken to a form to contact Overflow's transaction operations team. You can also choose to opt into Overflow's fully-guided concierge service by emailing stockgifts@overflow.co.

Is giving through Overflow safe and secure?

Overflow's Information Security Program is SOC 2 compliant, a widely respected information security auditing procedure. Overflow does not have access to nor stores any brokerage account usernames or passwords. They use Yodlee, a third-party provider, that handles the brokerage login process. Over 600 companies including PayPal, Mint, and Amazon use Yodlee to connect their clients’ accounts.

Why Give

Giving is just one part of the Pathway Discipleship. Some find ‘Giving’ the hardest disciple and others the easiest. If you are struggling (Debt, Bills, other Concerns), we offer Financial Peace University (Free, no commitment to the program or to the Church) just free. It will help remove financial stress from your life. Click Here for more about Financial Peace University.