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Intercessor Church Life Stories

Adoption Stories

An Intercessor Family talking about Adoption of teens

Meet the Garrett Family – as John and his wife Sandra were headed to having an empty nest, they responded to the need of foster care and adoption in their middle age. Connecting with the local Department of Social Services, John and Sandra met Jennifer and Jason, a teen and a school-age child at the time.

An Intercessor Family talking about Adoption of a baby through the lens of a prior foster care worker

Meet the Tafuro Family – After years of working in the foster care system, Heather and her family walked through the process themselves. Taking in a number of children over six years, Heather and her husband, Joe, adopted baby Jessica.

Physical Wellness Stories

An Intercessor member talking about how God provided for her every need in the midst of a scary diagnosis

Meet Liva! Between employment changes, losing her healthcare insurance, and receiving a serious diagnosis as a result of experiencing intense pain, Liva shares how God was with her every step of the way. He provides more for her than she could ever imagine.

Spiritual Formation Stories

An Intercessor member talking about how God inclined her to begin giving 10% of her income.

Meet Janet! One habit of a disciple (follower of Jesus) is giving. God calls us to give to the least, lost, and lonely among us but He also calls us to give (through a tithe) to Him. A tithe is 10% of what you make. Watch and see how Janet got there.

An Intercessor member sharing how he developed a habit of prayer and what his prayer life looks like each day.

Meet Peter! Peter walks us through the importance of the habit of prayer as a follower of Jesus. Want to have a more consistent and enriching prayer life? Check out Peter’s experience.

An Intercessor member recalling her journey of knowing absolutely nothing about God to being a diligent student of the Bible and knowing Him on a personal level.

Meet Nancy! Nancy explains how she knew zero about God and the Christian faith. She experienced the love of God through Overcomer’s (a biblical 12-step recovery program at Intercessor) and the rooms of A.A. (Alcoholic’s Anonymous). From there, Nancy ventured on a lifelong journey of studying the Bible and understanding God and His character through various courses and studies.