Online Minister Host

Are You Ready to See God move beyond the walls of our church? Then this may be for you!

Online Host

We hope You’re considering joining the Intercessor Host Team, a team of volunteers who create a friendly and comfortable environment in our online campus services. As a member of this team, we plan to have you serve with the same team at the same 60-minute service each week. We show up 15 minutes early to your service so you can connect and pray.
Online Minister Host

This is a Part-Time, weekend and evenings required | Location: Anywhere


  • Confirmed or received  in the church
  • Member of Small Group
  • 2 years of Intercessor Attendance
  • Ability to chat and type online

What We Do

  • We welcome each person, engage them
  • We discuss, spark discussion and answer question in the chat area
  • We pray for those who ask for prayer


  • Be available one-weekend service a week
  • Be able to chat online in an inviting and open manner
  • Be able to lead a person in prayer in an online chat room
  • Be able to project an enthusiastic presence into the online campus.


  • You are often the first person in church a visitor meets.
  • People check us out first before they visit.  This is being evangelical
  • This is a very new and effective way to share the gospel
  • You can prayer for others
  • You are an active member of the Kingdom of God
Ministries Opportunities, Online Minister Host

General Description: Online Host

  • You can do this from home, on nearly any computer, tablet, or phone.
  • From anywhere in the country
  • You login 15 minutes before the service, connect with other hosts and prepare
  • The senior hosts will guide the team, and help set the tone
  • The senior host is available to answer any questions
  • Using a web-based chat system, we send quick, caring responses that include warm greetings, prayers, and suggestions for next steps when appropriate.

General Description: Online Host

Interested? Questions?

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