How to Pray

How to Pray

There is more than one way, there is more than one method, and over time your prayer will grow with you.  The only rule to to try, and when you forget, and skip it, and oversleep, just pick up again and start afresh today.

How to Pray, The Issues

#1 - Time

Morning Prayer
Give God the first moments of your day.

How Long and When

It is more important to start with a time you can believe you can stick to.   Morning work best for most people.  We want to give God the first few minutes of the day before we check our phones, emails, etc.  To start try to give God 5-10 minutes.  Keep doing this amount of time until it becomes a nice habit, not a chore.

10 Minute Prayer
Prayer for 10 minutes is awesome

#2 - Place

Where to Pray
Your private space is perfect

Where What position

The place doesn’t need to be ‘holy’ it is best when it is quiet and generally free from interruptions.  When you are interrupted, by events, kids, etc, be patient, try to be made because they interrupted your holy time.   You do not need to hold your hands in a certain way or have a special posture.  I normal attentive posture in a table or in a chair is fine.  Many people start praying on their drive to work, others who are busy, post some prayer over the esink or laptop to remind them. 

Pray where you are comfortable

#3 - What Do say

How to Pray
It is a Conversation

What do I say, How do I start

It is more important to start.  Just the act of trying to pray will be honored by God.  We have a large group of resources below to help you.  Some are daily readings/quotes or reflections, that can be on your email every day.  The Bible App below will provide many options.   There are also links to 7-minute prayer, 10 minutes prayer online, that include daily bible readings.  

Start the Conversation
Be honest, don't try to be Holy

#4 - How do I know its working?

How do you know is prayer is working?  You change, you start hearing that ‘still quiet voice’  2 Kings 19:12.  It will start as an inclination, a feeling, overtime this turns into conviction and then this still quest gentle voice between to overcome you own thoughts, you own words and your own will. 

Here are a great range of options to pray (they all work)

Daily Reflections booklets

Daily Reflection (online)

7 Minute Prayer booklet

10 Minute Prayer online

10 Minute Prayer

Daily Office (online)

Daily Office

When times are hard (Booklet)

Prayers for all needs (Online)

The Webpage Authors testimony

I first got shot at in the army at the age of 22, lost in a minefield at 24, responsible for a 2.4 million budget at 25, responsible for 14 tanks and 120 men at 28.  I am incredibly busy and have always been busy, I work really hard, I am successful.  I have no time in my life for extras or empty rituals.  Anything in my life that doesn’t work, that doesn’t contribute I get rid of it ruthlessly, no matter what others think or say.   I am hopelessly practical.  

‘I pray every day’

Pray Happens when and where you are

How to Pray

Pray Happens when you start

How to Pray

God is with you
as you are