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Our-Team 1

Archbishop Craig Bates

Patriarch of the ICCEC

ArchBishop Bates serves as the Patriarch of the ICCEC. He served as the Senior Pastor at Intercessor for over 20 years. As Bishop, Intercessor Church is his home church.

Our-Team 2

Fr. Brett Crompton

Senior Pastor

Father Brett is the Senior Pastor at Intercessor. He delivers the weekend message and strategizes church growth.

Our-Team 3

Fr. Joe Ciccarello

The Weekend Experience

Father Joe organizes and manages the music team and audio/visual production for the weekend experience.

Our-Team 4

Dn. Eddie Pirro

Community Group and Healing

Deacon Eddie shepherds pastoral and community care ministries at Intercessor.

Our-Team 5

Susan Rohde

Office Manager

 Susan manages internal administrative responsibilities as well as all things IntercessorKids! 

Our-Team 6

Selena Rohde

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant to the senior pastor, Selena is the go-to person for ministry support, inquiries, and day-to-day operations at Intercessor.

Our-Team 7

Hayley Nelson

Director of Communications

Hayley manages Intercessor’s social media platforms and church-wide communications.

Our Team Mary Persons

Mary Person

Director of Stephen Ministers

Mary leads our team of trained and certified Stephen Ministers, our pastoral care team. Stephen Ministry.

Our Team John O'Sullivan

John O’Sullivan

Head of the Online Campus and community,

John may be the one you first engage with on our church’s online platform.  Live.IntercessorChurch.com