Reconciliation, also known as Confession, Forgiveness of Sins; Sacrament of Penance


Reconciliation / Confession is he sacrament in which those who have committed sin come before a priest of the Church seeking forgiveness, reconciliation and amendment of life.  In confession the priest declares absolution, forgiveness of sins, to the penitent, and gives godly counsel for the amendment of life.  Hence, the penitent who receives the forgiveness of Christ and his Church is restored to righteousness and fellowship within the Body of Christ.

How Reconciliation / Confession Works

Confession is not a test, if you have never done Reconciliation /  Confession before, the priest will walk you through it.  Come prepared to confess those sins weighing on you, the priest may ask you question to help you better understand.  The Priest will not talk about your confession with anyone,    

Questions about Reconciliation / Confession

If you have gone through confession 50 times or this is your first, you may have a few questions. take look below for answers.