Getting out of the house can be hard, Try our Saturday Evening Service

Is Saturday Church service for you?

The Intercessor Saturday Church service is the same as the Sunday services. Father Brett brings the full service, full sermon, and worship experience on Sunday, except it, is on Saturday. Think about coming to a Saturday Night Church service, 6 pm Every Saturday Evening.

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Is Sunday Morning hard to get up, Are all mornings hard to get up?

Maybe you are not a morning person. Mornings can be hard for many of us. We are not at our best, and getting up and ready can be a chore. A Saturday evening service may be a great experience for you.

Saturday Church Service

Is Saturday Church service for you?

The kids have sports, little league, soccer, and field hockey on Saturday. Your children are important to you, and you do not want to deprive them of this opportunity for fun and friends (and a little exercise)

I have events and sports. I play Golf, We visit my family, We travel on Sunday. There are so few nice days, I don’t want to spend a nice day inside.

Are you looking for a Saturday Night Church service near?

A6 Intercessor Church we have our Saturday evening worship service every Saturday at 6 pm. The service is about 55 minutes. You get the full worship, sermon, and Eucharist service as our Sunday service. Vist us at 86 Linder Pl, Malverne, NY 11565

Is getting the kids to Sunday Church hard?

Maybe getting the kids ready for school for 5 days is hard, and getting the kids ready for another day is a battle you may feel you want to do again.

We all know the weekend is often viewed as our leisure time. With summer coming, you have things planned for Sunday. A visit to the beach (before it gets crowded), enjoy a few comfortable days left in the season.

What does a Saturday Evening Service look like?

All our weekend services have the same worship, word, ministry, and eucharistic. We don’t have any traditional, contemporary, or special Saturday services, we just do our best all the time.

Take a look here at our Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook to see what we are about, or click on this video.

crave praise and worship